My Story

I was a spiritual seeker from a young age. I took my first yoga class at 11 years old in 1977 as an expression of spiritual hunger. After looking deep into organized religion, and receiving a AA in Theology in 1989, I was still found wanting. A difficult life crisis arose in 2007 that sent me deep into suffering and many prayers. But this suffering was a friend in disguise. It birthed a great soul experience that opened me up to the beautiful wonders of the spiritual world.

I had already flourished in 'hands on' healing at different churches over the years, but now was an opportunity for me to go deeper again. I sought a Reiki Master in Cardiff-By-The-Sea for personal healing and instruction in 2013. During a six month period I practiced the Usui Method of Reiki Healing to achieve my Reiki Master Certification. This method dates back nearly 100 years, and may even have prior Tibetan roots.


Today's Reiki, by most practitioners standards, has very little resemblance to the original Reiki of the 1920's. However, I remain a purist and practice this method diligently. Conversely, I'm very openminded and have embraced other modalities that I've found much success with over the years. You can read more about these methods in "My Approach." 

Finally, a quick note on personal spirituality. As a practitioner, I've become aware that I can only bring you as far as I've personally gone, and that 'fresh wind and fire' are needed to administer to the clients I share my gifts with. That's why I take my own spiritual practices very seriously. All of my appointments are preceded by a lengthy meditation on my part, which provides me with a powerful energy flow to give. I'm a firm believer in The Yoga Sutra's and Asana's, because they have made an immense difference in my life as far as self control, ego awareness and spiritual consciousness. I am also on the path of Kriya Yoga, popularized by Paramahansa Yogananda.

I look forward to serving you! 

Peace + Light + Love!



My Approach

The foundation of my sessions begin with relaxation. If you are a spiritual seeker and practice mindfulness, you will go deeper, faster. However, I have no judgement of those who simply have no practice and are in need of help. That's why I'm here! Therefore, I start with mat therapy.

I use a Healthyline Biomat that has 20 pounds of precious gemstones in it. The gemstones are primarily crushed Amathyst, but also contain Jade and Tourmaline. The mat heats the stones to a comfortable level that aids in relaxation. Without relaxation, we will struggle to get anywhere. But the mat works wonders! The gemstones release Far Infrared Rays that penetrates the body creating calmness. Also, it produces negative ions which WebMd reports are 'odorless, tasteless, and invisible molucules that we inhale....[and] once they reach our bloodstream, [they] increase the flow of oxygen to the brain; resulting in higher alertness, decreased drowsiness, and more mental energy. They relieve depression as much as antidepressants, with relatively no side effects." The mat is a very important part of my therapy routine. It also contains PEMF therapy with enhances circulation. As well, another modality of the mat is Photon Light Therapy, which rejuvenates cells.


Then comes Sound Therapy. I'm going deep into this right now in my personal studies. The human biofield that surrounds us all is greatly affected by sound. That's why I play relaxing music during my sessions. But more effective than music on a stereo is the actual sound waves coming from an instrument. I'm so happy to have more recently added tuning forks to my therapy sessions, and my clients are reporting great results from this addition.


Next is the Usui Traditional Reiki technique. As I stated in my bio, I'm a firm traditionalist on this one, however, I do follow my intuition and add more energy flow where I sense it is needed during the Reiki phase.


I end my sessions with a 15 minute guided meditation. This is my favorite part because after being on the mat for about an hour, you will find yourself so very relaxed and open. Many of my clients have testified that I have a shamanic gift because of their experiences on the table. No need to fear, you will only go to wonderful healing places! And I love to hear you share about them after our session!