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I'm an energy practitioner and healer. After a long journey, searching for my own inner healing of peace and bliss, I discovered Biofield Therapy. My approach: Multiple modes of healing in the form of Reiki, Sound Therapy, PEMF, Photon Light and Infrared Gemstone Heat, produces the most relaxed states in my clients. I have a beautiful space in the historic district of San Juan Capistrano, where I practice. All my sessions include a satisfaction guarantee. I am fully confident that you will love your session!


"The body is a self healing organism, so it's really about clearing things out of the way so the body can heal itself."

Barbara Brennan


Biofield Therapy


One on One Reiki Session

Personalized biofield therapy for stress

relief, calmness, sleep disorders and

deeper spiritual vision.

Long Distance Reiki Session

Recommended for those who've

already received a previous treatment.

When you need assistance, where ever

you are at....

Energy and Chakra Cleanse

Mini sessions available when you

don't have time for more....

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"I found the Chris Owen reiki experience to be a profound exposure to the subtle energetic climates of the body-mind. Immediately upon entering the room I noticed a calming silence that quieted my mind and allowed me to relax into the new space. The table he offers is warm, clean and supercharged with a crystal mat. Chris provides every tool required to activate the senses and draw attention toward your own energetic field. Additionally, I never got the sense that I was being rushed or hurried along -- I was given full allowance to go as deeply as possible & fully experience the timeless healing that I truly needed. I found Chris to be extremely intuitive, calming, professional, & precise in his practice. Wherever he focused his energy and attention I felt the results. I have only boundless gratitude for Chris Owen's uniquely healing reiki experience & would highly recommend to anyone with an open interest in energetic healing."

Courtney H.

Dana Point, CA 

October 2019

I came to Chris in a difficult time. I was waking up depressed every morning and not looking forward to the normal things in life I enjoy. His treatment left me feeling like a new person. I was both relaxed and had more energy than ever. 

Tony H.

San Clemente, CA

October 2019

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Chris Owen


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